Service Desk

Service Desk is a function that captures interactions from external and internal users of the service.  Up to 100% of the function can be automated. The interaction may result in an Incident or Request.

  1. A service user may be internal or external to the organization, and has several options when seeking assistance.
  2. Knowledge Management informs the Service Desk by providing routing and escalation instructions, as well as solutions to known issues.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are external-facing, and available to impacted users. The user may be informed of the FAQs by email campaign, hyperlink, help menu, etc. The user can also be informed of FAQ links and detail on pre-recorded messages prior to connecting to the Call Center, or while waiting for a chat response (6).
  4. Impacted users may self-resolve their issues by consuming the FAQs, thereby eliminating the need for further assistance by the Service Management organization.
  5. Allowing users to resolve their own issues independently can result in significant operational savings.
  6. Impacted users can interact with the Service Desk via email, call center, chat, or self-service portal. These functions leverage the Knowledge Management (2) process to provide basic triage and routing.
  7. Incident Management is initiated by the Service Desk, with proper assignments and required information dictated by Knowledge Management (2) to effectively troubleshoot and remediate.
  8. Request Fulfilment may be required based on the Service Desk interaction. For example, requests for access to the Service.