Event Management

Event Management monitors Availability Management and other resources and generates alerts (email, mobile, etc.) and/or Incidents based on workflow prescribed by Service Level Management.

  1. Availability Management informs when Events impacting the service require alerting and/or responsive action.
  2. Thresholds Exceeded in the Availability Management system may indicate serious conditions like outages, triggering Events.
  3. Service Level Management dictates how Events are handled.
  4. Alerting rules indicate what type of Events require alerts, who receives the alerts, how often and when to stop alerting.
  5. Events can be displayed real-time on large displays in Operations Centers and personal devices. Individual and group alerts can be transmitted via text and email, based on recipient lists and preferences identified in the Service Level Management (3) process.
  6. Events can trigger Incidents to be automatically opened and assigned to appropriate resources per the Alerting Rules (4).